SECRUI Wireless Doorbell with 2 Receivers Easy installation

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SECRUI Wireless Doorbell, M520+F55, 1000Ft Range

This SECRUI wireless doorbell adopts the FM signal scheme, which has strong anti-interference features and one-to-one signal pairing. The sensing distance can reach up to 1000Ft in obstacle-free environment. The doorbell’s installation can be completed within 1 minutes: plug the receiver into the socket and ready to go. Thanks to the simple code pairing way to expand your existing SECRUI doorbell system with up to 2 transmitters and multiple receivers for your family or office needs.

SECRUI Wireless Doorbell, M520+F55, 1000Ft Range, White

The SECRUI wireless doorbell is capable of reaching up to 1000 feet with the help of FM signal scheme. This battery powered doorbell is equipped with 58 different chime options with 5 volume levels. Just plug the doorbell receiver in the socket and place the button on the wall, for the hassle free installation experience.

SECRUI Wireless Doorbell, 1000Ft Range, 2 Receivers 1 Push Button

This SECRUI wireless doorbell comes with 2 receivers and 1 push button. Ultra-long wireless 300m range of the signal ensures that you will never miss any visitors even if you are in a big house with several rooms. This plug-in doorbell already paired before factory and different transmitters can be set to different tunes. Expandable up to 20 accessories.

SECRUI Wireless Doorbell with 2 Remote Buttons

This SECRUI M520 series wireless doorbell comes with 1 receivers and 2 remote buttons. Stylish and compact with superior sound quality, it is a doorbell perfectly formed for your home and office. SECRUI doorbell adopts the FM signal scheme, featuring a range capable of reaching up to 300 meter. The doorbell is ready to work right out of the box, only need to plug the receiver in the socket and place the button on the wall.

SECRUI Wireless Doorbell for Front Door, Battery Operated

This SECRUI wireless doorbell has clear sound and long-range operation of up to 1000 feet, with the help of FM signal scheme. The doorbell is IP55 waterproof and dustproof and has a modern, minimalist design that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. With a memory function, 52 chimes, 4 volume levels and 7 LED flashing lights, this SECRUI doorbell will make an innovative and practical addition to your home.

SECRUI Wireless Doorbells for Home with 2 Receivers, 1000ft Range

This SECRUI wireless doorbell comes with 2 receivers and 1 push button. The range of wireless doorbell for home extends over 1000ft in open space. Great for large homes, apartments and offices. Plus, each transmitter can be paired with up to 20 doorbell receivers.

SECRUI Door Chime, 400ft Range, M508+D7

The work range of this SECRUI door chime is up to 400 ft in open area, the receiver of the door chime is plug and play, comes with 5 levels of adjustable volume from 0-110 dB. The door sensor is small size and can be installed or placed at any indoor position to provide you with a door entry chime/alert system.

SECRUI Door Chime with 500ft Range

SECRUI door chime features 52 different ringtones, including a special Christmas one. The chimes are fully adjustable, so you can pick any one of the 5 volume levels. Plus, SECRUI door chime has built-in LED indicators for a visual effect designed to complement the ringtone. To make things even easier, this door chime has been paired before delivery. Simply plug the receiver into the socket and tear off the double-sided adhesive from the back of the door sensor, then stick them to the door and you’re ready to go.

SECRUI Door Alarm for Home Security

This SECRUI door alarm is designed for home and office. Its compact size is ideal for installation on doors and windows, notifies you when doors or windows open. The SECRUI window & door alarm can be easily installed as it is adhesive on the bottom. You just need to stick the alarm sensor on the window or door, then the installation is finished.

SECRUI Oudoor Sensor Alarm with 58 Chimes

One motion sensor and one receiver are included with this SECRUI alarm. When a human body or a moving object is detected by the motion sensor, such as when a dynamic movement phenomenon occurs, an alert signal is sent to the receiver. It is an excellent option for home security. Moreover, the SECRUI motion sensor alarm is expandable, you can add up to 20 more receivers or motion sensors.

SECRUI Indoor Hygrometer and Thermometer

SECRUI hygrometer and temperature monitor will help you and your family live in the best possible environment. With this device, you can check on a variety of data to make sure the environment is perfect. This hygrometer and thermometer shows the highest and lowest values from the past so that you can see how the data is changing for your surroundings and make any necessary adjustments that can make it more pleasant.